Wild for Salmon February Sale

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Protect the Bay, Protect your Heart.

This month is all about hearts. Last month, you all touched ours when your efforts to help us protect Bristol Bay were rewarded by the EPA’s new decision to uphold previous restrictions on any mining activities in the area. We’d like to thank you for protecting the bay by encouraging you to eat well with heart-healthy salmon for $20 off in-store, at the Farmer’s Market, or with the code HEARTHEALTH for our online customers.

All are welcome to join our new Facebook Group!

You’ll hear about our staff’s favorite recipes, upcoming exclusive deals, and what your fellow customers are cooking up. We used to get to do all this just hanging out at the Farmer’s Market, but as our online customers and Buying Clubs grow, it’s harder to do. We wanted to build a similar relationship with all our customers because that’s what makes our small business tick. Could you do us a favor and forward this email to a friend who loves to cook? Our mission is to share the bounty of wild salmon with more people — help us do so
& help a friend out by sharing this email!

Thank you for helping to protect the bay.


Local Restaurant Feature!

Our friends at the Herdic House, a spectacular Victorian mansion turned restaurant at the entrance to Williamsport’s Historic District, sent us a recipe for Blackened Sockeye Salmon with Yogurt-Cumin Sauce. Find it and more on our blog.

Their team shared, “Chef and co-owner Liz Miele has been cooking with Wild for Salmon sockeye since she first took over the kitchen more than a decade ago—and continues to collect rave reviews on both the salmon and the preparations.”

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