There is something to be said for taking an afternoon or weekend to slow down and remember the way things used to be. Antiquing provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that.Before the arrival of planned obsolescence, things were built to last. Everything from a child’s doll to a John Deere tractor was manufactured to give honest service for years, sometimes generations. Many of these items are now classified as “antiques” due to their longevity. However, it is often the case that these antiques are more durable than the products of today’s society, and thus still retain great value.

By stepping inside one of the area’s many antique shops, you’ll discover the things that our ancestors loved and used in their everyday lives. Visitors will find nostalgic memories of days gone by, along with vintage furniture, primitives, pottery, linens, jewelry, books, records, toys, and much more.

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Our antique shops are often housed in a historic home or a barn built well before the turn of the 20th century. Fantastic discoveries are waiting to be made, so download our “Antiquing in Columbia & Montour Counties” brochure today and begin your antiques treasure hunt! Download the brochure right here.

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