Reclamation of Bloomsburg’s Old Rosemont Cemetery

Community Bulletin, by Alex Dubil

Be a part of a community attempt to revitalize this forgotten piece of history where the people that built Bloomsburg rest.

I ask the residents of Bloomsburg, descendants of those buried in Old Rosemont and those beyond Bloomsburg, if so inclined to join me to revitalize this asset.  Yes that is right, asset.  Not only do cemeteries serve as a link to our past, but they can be genealogical wonders even in the digital age.  They can be settings for town events, Halloween events.  Some tourists seek them out.  Our ancestors deserve better than the conditions of Old Rosemont.

The tools for what I propose to the public are simple.  Wooden Scrapers (never metal), Squirt Bottle of water and Extra Bottles of Water, Shop Brush or Whisk Brush, 3” Nail or Small Screw Driver to clean out letters of grass and needles, Soft Bristle Brush or Tooth Brush (never wire or stiff bristle), and a Towel. No solvents without approval please, (water & electric not available on site). Under no circumstance should people try to re-etch the stone, or try to move them.  We don’t want anyone getting hurt or put them in the wrong place.  These tasks should be left to a monument company.

To volunteer, contact Alex Dubil at 570-784-1272, leave a message. Cleaning dates are flexible.