Pitch Black Rooms at Can U Xcape

Next Wednesday, November 22nd, for one night only, guests at Can U Xcape in Bloomsburg will be able to book the Tornado, Submarine, or Upside-Down Rooms and attempt to escape by flashlight only.  The rooms will be pitch black, and teams will have to attempt to navigate their way through a series of puzzles in the pitch black rooms by flashlight only. Will taking away full use of one’s senses enhance other senses…or lead to demise?

In addition, the Tornado Room will feature BRAND NEW PUZZLES.  Perhaps you’ve Xcaped the Tornado before, but do you think you will be able to get out in the dark with new puzzles? Seeking shelter from the storm, you run to the nearest structure, an abandoned house surrounded by overgrowth. As the first tornado hits, the storm damage traps you inside. You search for a way out, and begin to piece together the mystery of the last resident. Can you make it out before the next storm arrives and live to tell your tale?

Teams must book the full room, and space is limited. No admittance to guests under 18 during this event. Submarine and Upside-down Rooms will NOT be changed at all other than lighting levels. Book now at www.canuxcape.com/book.

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