Benton Business Updates

Benton Business Updates:


General Updates: The bridge on the south end of town on Route 487 IS OPEN.

A local family provides meals outside the fire hall

There are cleaning supplies and bottled water at the local fire hall. Another truckload is soon due with more supplies. A local family is providing free meals outside the fire hall.

Vine Pharmacy: The pharmacy was not flooded and they are operational.  If people are unable to get through to Benton to pick up medications, PLEASE contact the Pharmacy by phone.  They are arranging for deliveries to be made.   They are delivering to the North Mountain Fire Dept. so they can transport the medications to still stranded patients. They are also postponing their Lyme Support group until the next scheduled date, which will be September 20th.

Ricketts Glen State Park: As of 8/14, the FALLS TRAIL IS OPEN. The trail is wet and muddy in places and may be slippery. Some parts of the trail are covered in water as well. Use extreme caution if you plan to use the trail in the next week or two.

Colonel Ricketts Hard Cider: Colonel Ricketts Hard Cider will be open normal business hours the rest of this week and weekend. Thurs- 3-6, Fri- 12-6, Sat- 11-5, Sun- 12-4

Benton Rodeo Grounds: The rodeo grounds will need some cleaning, but nothing was damaged.  However, the events for this weekend have been CANCELLED.

Crafty Creations – They are open.

Black Bear Pottery – As of 8/17, they are hopeful to open next week.  No major damage was sustained, just plenty of mud removal needed.

487 Rustics – They are open.

Northern Columbia County Community Center: The N4C’s is open as of today, 8/16. Their thrift store is opening its doors for anyone in need post-flooding. Everything is free. Clothing has been taken to Stillwater Christian Church. The Thrift Shop is located next to Kozy Korners on Main Street.

Winding Creek Shops – The shops are back open for business as of 8/15 at 1 PM.

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