Quarterly Magazine

Each quarter, a calendar of events Digital Magazine is available online and also shared on our social media accounts. It will contain events submitted by our members, plus articles and videos from our media library.  Advertisements are FULL or HALF page sizes and may run in one quarterly edition or four times over a year. Ads must be submitted and paid in full 2 weeks prior to the publication date. There are a limited number of ads per edition so timely submissions will help secure your spot.

Full Page – $200 (1x), $150 (4x)

Half Page – $150 (1x), $100 (4x)

Actual display size depends on which platform people are using.

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Sample of Advertisements:

Travel Guide

Coming Soon!

Page Header Banners

Above is an example of the “Page Header Banners” that are available for purchase on the Visitors Bureau website. They can be placed on a page of the advertiser’s choice. Popular pages are Lodging, Restaurants, Things to Do, Covered Bridges, and Area Attractions, but other pages are available upon request. Specialty pages include the Covered Bridge Festival (which can only be purchased for 1 year – can be rotated out to feature different events from the same advertiser), and the online Event Calendar page. Each page will have one sponsor banner per month – advertisers will not need to share rotating space with other advertisers. First come, first served! Ads must be submitted camera-ready for placement. Banner will resize to fit user screens based on what platform they are using.  To avoid pixellation, please ensure that ad is in JPEG format, at least 1600 x 800 pixels or larger (must have 2:1 horizontal ratio). Ad may link to page URL of advertiser’s choice.
Regular Page Header Banners: $110 per month; discounts for 3, 6, and 12 months. Non-members: $260 per month
Covered Bridge Festival Page Header Banner: $1,500 for 1 year presenceNon-members: N/A

Featured Web Story

Example Featured Web Story – Title Here

covered-bridgesYour story will go here and may include up to 500 words of text, 1-2 photos, linked URL’s to advertiser’s website where needed, and a video if applicable (example shown with video included). Advertisers may select featured web story page of their choice, however it is recommended that their business have some connection with the selected page.
Featured Web Stories: $300, quarterly presence. Non-members: N/A.

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 Video Production
$750 per commercial. 

Advertising partners can purchase a 30 second commercial from the Visitors Bureau.  Commercials would be fully produced by a video production company – Stone State Entertainment. The business purchasing this item would ultimately own the finished product to use as they wish (TV spots, website, social media, etc.).  The commercial could be comprised of on-site video, aerial video, or a mix of both.  Commercial content is at the discretion of the business purchasing the commercial, and would be coordinated with the video production team.  Commercial purchase DOES NOT include TV spots – this would only be the filming and production of the commercial itself.  The purchase DOES include a featured web story on the Visitors Bureau website for 3 months after the video is produced.  The CMVB will utilize the finished video clip on its website to help spread the business’s message and brand.

For an added cost, additional 30 second segments could be purchased if the business desires a longer produced video (Example: 1 minute commercial would be $1,500, a 1.5 minute commercial would be $2,250, etc.).

To view samples of some of Stone State Entertainment’s prior video work: Click Here

Email Signature
$20 per week.

Employees of the Visitors Bureau display an email signature at the bottom of all outgoing email messages.  This email signature may be purchased to feature an advertiser’s upcoming event.  Signatures are full color, and are clickable through to the URL of advertiser’s choice.  Requested ad size: 1600 x 600 pixels. Email signature will ultimately display at an approximate size of 400 x 150 pixels. Effective email signatures have minimal text and utilize fonts that are clearly legible at the given size (signatures will link to website with full details).

Sample signature shown at 450 x 150 pixels

Sample signature shown at 450 x 150 pixels

Sample email signature in place

Calendar of Events
Email Header
$250 (4 weeks)

Each week, a calendar of events email is sent out to over 3,000 regular subscribers and also shared as a blog on our social media accounts. Web banners are available to purchase and will be featured at the top of these emails to a group of engaged followers. Spots are assigned for a period of 4 consecutive weeks.  Requested ad size: 1600 x 800 pixels. Actual display size depends on which platform users are viewing the email.

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Sample of email:

Enhanced Website Listing
$350 (1 year)

Enhanced listings in our online business directory can call out additional attention to your business. 

Sample of regular listing:

Sample of enhanced listing: