Realty World, Masich & Dell

Linda Sones

“1984” was the year Masich & Dell Real Estate opened its doors at 1103 West Front Street, Berwick. In “1996” the agency became affiliated with Realty World, giving it national exposure through a worldwide franchise. The success was apparent at once and proved so in succeeding years.
The Realty World logo is recognized by clients around the world, some who come from all parts of the globe. Completed sales turned into referrals and the business continues to grow. The MSL, Internet, computer, e-mails, faxes, and cell phones have enhanced our business. Realty World has kept up with new technology and well equipped to serve all real estate needs.
Our agents are dedicated and always focus on customer satisfaction first. Realty World Agents treat you like “Family”.
Masich & Dell also has an appraisal staff geared to provide timely and reliable appraisals,
Being the oldest real estate agency in Berwick, we look forward to continued success for years to come.