Keystone Payroll

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Keystone Payroll’s mission is to attract and retain the best employees and clients. Our employees shall enjoy an opportunity to develop and apply business skills in a progressive work environment, and shall be recognized for their teamwork, integrity, professional excellence and entrepreneurial spirit. Our clients shall receive our complete focus and attention, and our entire array of resources shall be dedicated to providing an exceptional payroll product and impeccable client service.

We shall recruit, train, and retain only the most talented and professional staff, and we shall empower them with the most capable tools and support. We will offer challenges, opportunities and development in a non-bureaucratic environment that is sensitive to personal needs and the individual growth of abilities. We require our employees to make the customer service experience at Keystone Payroll the best our clients have ever encountered.

Since 1998, Keystone Payroll has offered payroll processing services to save our clients time and money. Through the years we have grown to be a true partner of our clients, offering ancillary products and valuable benefits that enhance their payroll and HR management needs. We provide a special combination of local customer service and diverse partnerships, with the most sophisticated and powerful technology solutions.

Keystone Payroll is committed to providing an array of customized business services to a special class of client. Our core business fields are outsourced payroll and tax processing, web-based time and attendance systems, and limited consulting in the fields of personnel administration, employment regulation compliance, and human resources. We seek clients whose business practices value unequaled execution of these critical business functions.