Free Private Pilot Ground School

Bloomsburg Municipal Airport  is offering a FREE Private Pilot Ground School, starting on February 1st.  This is a six week course that will convene each Thursday from 6 PM – 9 PM at the Airport Terminal Building.  Spots are limited, and are first-come, first-served. To make a reservation, please email

This free Private Pilot Ground school teaches prospective pilots about the following:
Aircraft performance, flight mechanics, weight and balance, navigation, radio communication, weather, and the FAA Regulations which govern General Aviation. It prepares the student pilot to take the written Private Pilot Ground School Exam which is a requirement to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate. The class will arm prospective student pilots with the skills necessary to understand everything from pre-flight to touch-down; ultimately preparing students for Private Pilot flight lessons. It is taught by a Professor from Bloomsburg University who is a Certified Flight Instructor II, member of the Bloomsburg Flying Club, and he formerly owned his own flight school.

If you are interested in flying, this is a great first step!

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